My name is Ronny Coste.
I am a Software Engineer, Photographer, and hardware tinkerer.
All my open source contributions are on my github, and sometimes I tweet.

My Passion

I love building, and conceptualizing Products, Videos, Sets, Websites, and Demos. I enjoy using my technical knowledge to build and solve interesting problems.
In my spare time I love taking photos, hike, code, and reading about a plethora of things, such as, open source software, security, hardware, HAM Radio, Consumer products, bio-engineering, and health.
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I grew up in the Dominican Republic and fell in love with computers at an early age. By the time I was in middle school I had started hacking and breaking down my PSP, and Moto Cube A45 installing in them “Unauthorized software” and plenty of games that were not meant to be on these devices ie. Nintendo games running on a phone or Sony PSP.
In high school I when down the rabbit hole of scripting and programming with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C#. Everything that I learned I used it to modify scripts to automate almost all my repetitive task on my phone, and laptop. I learned to be a power user of IFTTT, Automator, Bash, and PowerShell.
In 2017 I moved to New York, NY where I finish my Computer Science studies, and currently reside. Now days I freelance as a Photographer, and Cinematographer while I continue applying to full-time roles as a Developer :)
Here are some noteworthy things that I have worked on:
  • Something To Do - Personal tool to keep track of all the places that I want to go, and have gone to.
    • Loved by all my friends as they get quality recommendations and real reviews.
    • Sharing my thoughts since 2021.
  • Belle Image - Company for which I freelance a lot as a CamOp, Cinematographer, and Technical Liaison for Automate shots using robot arms.
    • Successful venture in a different field since August, 2021.
  • Revive - App that uses Image Recognition to locate places nearby to safely dispose or recycle objects.
    • Winner Environment Track 2019
Made while eating 🍓 in New York