24 failures & Successes by the age of 24

24 failures & Successes by the age of 24

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May 30, 2022

24 failures by the age of 24

  1. Missed the opportunity of asking people whom I liked out.
  1. Failing to take as many risks as I should have done.
  1. Did not start building software as soon as I was interested in it.
  1. Did not build sustainable exercise habits.
  1. Not learning how to dance earlier.
  1. Not writing more of my thoughts on blogs or diaries.
  1. Thought that if I started reading a book I had to finish it before reading something else.
  1. Did not know my foundational beliefs.
  1. Did not start skating earlier.
  1. Doubting myself because of someone else's opinion.
  1. Not letting go quick enough.
  1. Buying fast fashion clothing.
  1. Not promoting my art as much.
  1. Not learning SEO soon enough.
  1. Watching motivational speeches but not taking action.
  1. Continuing on a subject without asking as many questions because I thought they were stupid.
  1. Wasting time going through a lot of tech articles with no purpose but knowing what's new.
  1. Not practicing as much football (Soccer), or basketball.
  1. Lack of faith.
  1. Being bad at keeping in touch with people.
  1. Failing to collaborate more often with people.
  1. Not doing more things from my bucket-list.
  1. Not following through on my outlined ideas and just leaving them stagnant.
  1. Procrastinating a lot.

24 successes by the age of 24

  1. Experimented with a lot of hobbies, IE. Photography, Hiking, Reading, Writing, Design, Soccer, Running, Basketball, Baseball, Video editing, Graphics, Crossfit, Gym, Music, ETC.
  1. Tried many different types of cuisine.
  1. Learned how to speak a foreign language fluently.
  1. Learned various programming languages.
  1. Got really good at taking photos.
  1. Started investing in financial assets.
  1. Making time for activities Career or Hobby wise (Photography & Programming).
  1. Studied two other foreign languages to understand them better and see if I like them.
  1. Finished and graduated from four different schools. High-school, English School, ITLA(Technical College), and John Jay (Bachelor's Degree).
  1. Adapted to a new country, city, language, and system.
  1. Enjoying the little things that life has to offer.
  1. Got most of the things that I always wanted growing up. (Cameras & Skateboards)
  1. Worked in the film industry.
  1. Got into philosophy.
  1. Met some great people in both the US and DR.
  1. Created and curated my own website, and book.
  1. Built a reading habit.
  1. Found and created a community.
  1. Bought a kindle.
  1. Bought a film camera.
  1. Learned how to develop, scan, and print negatives.
  1. Did not pursue vanity.
  1. Built web applications and contributed to open-source projects.
  1. Stayed curious.