My favorite apps

My favorite apps

July 28, 2022

Favorite Apps


  1. Arc Browser, My favorite browser, and essential tool.
  1. Discord, My communications hub.
  1. Bepper, Another communications hub
  1. Notion, My do it all tool. Cms, Database, and tracker.
  1. Drafts, My favorite writing app. Where I write all my drafts of my blogs.
  1. Bitwarden, My Password manager (Open Source).
  1. Wireguard, VPN Service of choice. Not so user-friendly (Open Source).
  1. Raycast, super-powered spotlight replacement.
  1. Ollama, Llama based terminal tool to easily run models locally.

Quality of life

  1. Backtrack App that records the last two hours in the background and lets you save it as a voice memo, great for lectures ( what I used it for).
  1. Tiles, Windows management like windows on Mac.
  1. Rescue-time, Time tracking.
  1. Dozer, It hides the top menu icons automatically
  1. Grammarly, Fixes my typos...
  1. Cheatsheet, It tells me all the shortcuts.
  1. Latest, Update all my mac apps all at once.

Software Dev

  1. Github Desktop, Git as a UI.
  1. VS Code, Coding IDE.
  1. Docker,
  1. Wireshark, Network and package scanning tool
  1. Visbug, UI and Visual design tool.
  1. Balena Etcher, SD cards flashing (Open Source).
  1. SSHX, SSH from anywhere and anything that has a browser.


  1. Veracrypt, Encryption tool (Open Source).
  1. Proton-VPN, VPN service of choice.
  1. Wireguard, VPN tool to roll my own VPN to my network.
  1. GrandPerspective, Check were all your storage is going.
  1. Tailscale, VPN with local access to your network made easy!
  1. Lulu, Firewall / security app by objective-see FOLLOW THEM
  1. Taskexplorer, Task explorer by objective-see
  1. TempBox, temporary email with inbox


  1. Film Lab, Turns negatives film scans into positives photos.
  1. Image Optim, Image optimizer.
  1. Capture one, Lightroom alternative
  1. Pixelmator Pro, Photoshop alternative
  1. Optyx 2, AI powered photo curl.
  1. Diffusion Bee,


  1. Dolphin, Nintendo emulator (Open Source).
  1. Flixxer, Netflix App for mac, no longer available.
  1. Retroarch,

Automation Script

Something else that is a great idea is to have a script that install and downloads all the tools, and software on your computer automatically. It would save a couple of hours from trying to remember what you need to download or if you forgot anything any time you buy or format your computer. Link to the Repo
#!/usr/bin/env bash # This is heavily inspired by the amazing work that this guys did! # # # # function pause() { read -p "$*" } CWD=($PWD) cd ~ # We can't get them directly, but just click this button :) xcode-select --install pause 'Press [Enter] once you have installed XCode and XCode Command Line Tools.' # Just make sure... sudo xcodebuild -license accept # DANGER, DANGER Will Robinson! 🤖 sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" # HOMEBREW /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" # Software Dev brew update brew install wget brew install git brew install node brew install npm brew install python brew install python3 brew install mysql brew install heroku brew install --cask github brew install --cask visual-studio-code # MISC APPS brew install --cask spotify brew install --cask brave-browser brew install --cask evernote brew install --cask notion brew install --cask bitwarden brew install --cask calibre brew install --cask veracrypt brew install --cask wireshark brew install --cask google-drive brew install --cask imageoptim brew install --cask protonvpn brew install --cask virtualbox brew install --cask virtualbox-extension-pack # Communictations brew install --cask whatsapp brew install --cask zoom brew install --cask discord # Quality of Life brew install zsh-autosuggestions brew install zsh-syntax-highlighting brew install --cask dozer brew install --cask tiles brew install --cask balenaetcher # MAC CLI, Simplify command line sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" brew install mas mas signin mas install 803453959 # Slack # mas install 1147396723 #Whatsapp mas install 1477089520 # Backtrack mas install 966085870 # TICKTICK mas install 1435957248 # DRAFTS brew install brew-cask brew tap caskroom/cask brew tap homebrew/dupes brew tap homebrew/versions brew tap homebrew/binary brew cask install Transmit # Setup Python, Virtualenv # python3 -m venv ~/Unix/env/virtualenv source ~/Unix/env/virtualenv pip install virtualenv virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python ~/Unix/env/py2env deactivate cd ~ # Do the Mac thing that you have to do but you shouldn't have to do # This #curl -o ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ssh.add.a.plist touch ~/.ssh/config echo "Host * AddKeysToAgent yes UseKeychain yes" >> ~/.ssh/config # Hold my own hand to make sure I finish configuring. echo "Add your ssh keys (you put them in your secret hiding place)." pause 'Press [Enter] when you have added your ssh key.' chmod 400 ~/.ssh/* # Get git things #curl -o /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/ #curl -o /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/git-completion.bash echo "NICE!! But... This is only the Beggining."
Feel free to modify this script to your needs!
Updated on November 09, 2023