March 21, 2023
Ronny Coste

Work in the Film industry

I have been working the film industry since 2021, starting as production assistant, and moving my way up. I have always been interested in camera technology, and photography as an creative outlet moving into the film and video industry was natural to me because of my knowledge of photography, and cameras.
As a cinematographer, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to capture the perfect shot. Whether it's experimenting with different camera angles, lenses, or lighting techniques, I am constantly pushing myself to create the highest quality work possible. I am also experienced in working with a variety of cameras and equipment, and I am always learning about the latest advancements in camera technology to stay ahead of the curve but never forgetting the old technologies used in the past such film, super 8, and 16mm.
This repertoire is in constant update and there is plenty of cinematography work of mine which I could not share at this moment. These are related to unreleased movies, research videos, and interviews.
On January 10 I learned that I have a IMDB Page with some of the shorts and features films that I have worked on 😎

Camera Assistant

Nataly Mora Music video
In this shoot I was the Focus Puller & First AC.
Video preview
Moët Commercial
In this shoot I was the Focus Puller & First AC, and Robot programmer for the scene
Video preview
Cartier Commercial
In this shoot I was the Focus Puller & First AC.
Video preview
Danielle Live Performance
In this shoot I was the Second AC.
Video preview
In this shoot I was a Camera Assistant.
Video preview
Raja Commercial
In this shoot I was the First AC
Video preview

Assistant Director

Hippeas Commercial

Portfolio site

The inspiration for the design of this website came from my daily use of analog radios and cameras. I wanted to replicate the feeling of an old CRT TV, with its grainy texture and warm glow. By changing the channels, visitors can explore the different videos on the site, each showcasing a different aspect of my work. From the vibrant colors of my photography, to the intricate details of my graphic design, to the dynamic storytelling of my video work, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Through this site, I hope to showcase my skills and creativity, and connect with others who share my passion for analog technology and visual storytelling.